small town meets big city

So S is having a certain Mr.Iyer over on most weekday evenings. He looks dapper and she seems to enjoy his company.

Today I accidentally discovered (on Facebook , where else) that Mr.Iyer has a wife and child.

This is the third time this city has got me thinking about the striking contrast in urban and small town sensibilities. The first being D leaving the classroom to smoke (that’s sixteen kids unsupervised) , second the day Little Miss S tells me she likes her magic stuff and she manages to buy them somehow (and I thought she was born with that forever feeling high gene) and today, S and her married man.

You can be doing all of these things in the small town except that you will be judged for it because your neighbour’s uncle’s dog thought it was not right.

I wonder what more you have in store for me big city.


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