new job, new place

enjoying the new workplace. glad I took the decision to move and thank you God for ensuring it all fell in place smoothly! happier vibes and feel more productive. not that I was a wall on the flower at the the previous one, but just having people around you busy most of the time makes a HUGE difference. at the previous one, I still remember D putting her shades on lying on the bean bag for a cat nap almost every day! work wasn’t very structured and although they claimed to be play-based, there wasn’t much learning happening whether it was through play or not. on that note, I’m loving the science curriculum at the new place and would give anything to teach science to the py kids – fingers crossed!

also I think I evolved as a person over the past year (don’t we all every 11 months?) so I think that contributes too. I feel more sure of myself and maybe a tad more assertive too. Yay to me! 🙂

the house is great too although I really wish 2013 would be the last year of living out of the suitcase for me. K and me in 2014. Happy and together! Yes! The house that I stay at now is nice (there’s tv :D) but the pollution levels outside are alarming. I’m really unsure of how to tackle that – having been raised in a small town, I’m quite shocked with this city’s declining air quality. so many toxins everytime you breathe in! 


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